1.Metagenomic Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Metagenomic analysis allows us to diagnose many of the major human infectious diseases (including respiratory tract infections, enteric infections, and blood-borne infections) by using a single common protocol. In addition, to pre-empt zoonotic disease outbreaks, we are seeking to identify new pathogenic microorganisms in animal-derived samples that may have zoonotic potential.

2. Metagenomic Analysis of Intestinal Microbiome

The intestinal microbiome plays an important role in protecting the host from pathogen invasion. We are currently analyzing the intestinal microbiome of patients with diarrheal diseases to elucidate how the human host, the intestinal microbiome, and pathogenic microorganisms interact. This will help us to understand the changes that take place in the intestinal microbiome during the course of infection.

3. Development of Novel Methods for Pathogen Detection

To develop more efficient and comprehensive methods of identifying pathogens, we are studying the efficacy of different methods that amplify the genome of pathogenic microorganisms and subtract the host genome.